Abingdon Woman Wins $50,000 Stacks of Cash Taxes-Paid Prize

Stacks of CashOn her way to work Wednesday morning, the 64-year-old Abingdon woman stopped to buy her daily Pick 3 and Pick 4 tickets. While making her purchases, the Lottery scratch-off tickets caught her eye. “I asked the cashier how many of the Stacks of Cash were in the case,” said the mother-of-three. “He told me there were four left. I initially was only going to buy two, but then decided to get all of them.”

It was a wise decision, since it was the fourth Stacks of Cash scratch-off that revealed the $50,000 taxes-paid win. The woman scratched the ticket while stopped at a red light. “I thought, no way, this can’t be.” Thinking she may have won, but still doubtful, she then proceeded to work. “I tried to call my sister, but couldn’t reach her. So, I stopped by her house on my way home and she confirmed that I’d won.”

The Stacks of Cash winner had been calm until her sibling verified that she was indeed $50,000 richer. “I haven’t slept or eaten for three days,” she said happily.

The busy woman who works a full-time job, as well as a part-time job said that she will use her winnings to pay bills and go on a vacation to visit her daughter and granddaughter in Florida. She also intends to share any remaining money with her family.

The winning ticket was purchased at Constant Friendship Exxon, located at 3204 Trellis Ln. in Abingdon.

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