Halethorpe Social Worker Collects $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Prize

Barry Weiner - Bonus Match 5To see him, you would not believe that Barry Weiner just won the Lottery. The subdued player calmly entered Lottery Headquarters to claim the $50,000 prize he won playing Bonus Match 5. Barry didn’t even know he had won until a cashier at High’s asked him if he had the winning ticket.

“I went home, checked my ticket, and to my surprise I did have a winner,” he said. He waited until he had a day off to come claim his Lottery prize.

“Honestly, it hasn’t really sunken in yet,” said Barry. “It probably won’t until the money is actually in my hands.” The stoic social worker from Halethorpe revealed that most of his winnings would be put towards paying several bills. “Maybe if I have enough left over I’ll take a trip to Florida or Las Vegas,” added Barry.

The winning ticket was purchased at the High’s store located at 5314 East Drive in Baltimore.

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