Brotherly Routine Pays Off Big

Prince George’s County Man Wins $50,000 Taxes-Paid Prize

Steve Borrayo - Extreme GreenSteve Borrayo of Hyattsville takes turns with his brother, Francisco, every Sunday to purchase scratch-off tickets. He loves playing scratch-offs because he enjoys the thrill of instantly finding out whether or not he is a winner. He has won money playing in the past, but nothing can compare to bringing home the $50,000 top prize with all taxes paid last Sunday on an Extreme Green scratch-off.

Francisco went on a break from his job at the Lotte Assi Plaza supermarket and stopped at the store to buy tickets for himself and Steve. When he returned to work, he and Steve scratched their tickets. Francisco won $10, but Steve received a bigger prize of $50,000. “I was skeptical because I didn’t believe it,” said the lucky winner. “I wanted to make sure, so I called a friend to come over and check the ticket.” The friend went over to Steve’s home later that day. After checking the ticket, he informed him that he was indeed a winner. “He was so happy for me. He began crying,” said Steve.

Steve has been married for two years and is the proud parent of a one-month-old daughter. He is originally from Guatemala and has lived in the United States for 11 years. He plans to use his winnings to visit relatives back home.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Georgia Market, located at 13623-D Georgia Ave. in Silver Spring.

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