Easton Man is Fired Up About Blazing 7’s Win

Claims Scratch-Off’s $77,777 Top Prize

“I only look calm. On the inside, I’m a mess,” said the winner of the final $77,777 top prize on the Blazing 7’s scratch-off ticket. The win comes right in time for Valentine’s Day on Saturday and his birthday on Friday, he’ll be 65.

“I’ve played scratch-offs for years and never have I won this much,” he said. The lucky player won the prize on Monday. It was the only ticket he bought and it was totally random. “I just picked one, it didn’t matter which ticket it was,” said the winner, grinning widely. He scratched the ticket in the parking lot of the store. When he realized he won, he drove around for two hours in disbelief. He then went back to the store to find out how to cash the ticket. Later, he called family members to tell them that he’d won. His wife was stunned.

The retired bakery employee said he is going to use the winnings for a brand new kitchen. As far as his birthday and Valentine’s Day goes, he said that they’ve already been planned and he’s not doing anything extra.

The winning ticket was purchased at Fast Stop located at 9543 Ocean Gateway in Easton.

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