Baltimore Woman’s Financial Woes Change Dramatically

Wins $30,000 Playing a Triple It Scratch-Off Ticket

Taneaka Mosley - Triple ItThe current economic times have been hitting Taneaka Mosley hard. The 22-year-old mom has been helping to support family members while saving money to move into a new home with her 3-year-old son. When she purchased a Triple It scratch-off ticket, her financial situation improved after she won the ticket’s $30,000 top prize.

Taneaka bought the winning ticket with money from a previous Lottery win. “I stopped to cash in some scratch-off tickets after going to the bank machine,” she said. “I decided to buy six more from the $11 that I won.” While scratching the Triple It scratch off at home, she didn’t immediately realize she revealed the ticket’s top prize. “I originally thought I won $30, but I kept scratching and saw the rest of those zeroes. I just couldn’t believe it.” Afterwards, she went to another Maryland Lottery retailer to claim her prize and the cashier informed her that she had to cash the ticket at Maryland Lottery Headquarters.

The lucky winner has been purchasing scratch-off tickets for two years ever since she won $50 on her first ticket. She works in housekeeping at the University of Maryland. She plans to use her money towards finding a new home, saving for her son’s education, and helping family members.

The winning ticket was purchased at the 25th Street Mobil gas station, located at 750 E. 25th St. in Baltimore City.

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