Nottingham Family Claims $1.1 Million Multi-Match Jackpot

Multi-Match“I buy seven Multi-Match tickets every week,” said the 71-year-old father-of-six. “I tell my kids, ‘I don’t know which one of us is going to win.’” Usually, that’s not a problem for the Nottingham resident, since $400 was the largest amount won on the game – until this week. On Sunday, the school-bus driver and retired Bethlehem Steel employee discovered that his family won $1.1 million playing Multi-Match.

“I was reading the Sunday paper when I started checking the numbers. When they all matched I had to check the date on the ticket again,” said the winner. Once he confirmed that he was holding the winning ticket, he started calling the family to share the good news.

“He got a kick out of calling all of the kids and hearing our reactions,” said one of the winner’s five daughters. “I think everybody had a ‘woo-hoo’ moment in there.”

The lucky winners took the cash value of the jackpot in a seven-way split. Each family member has their own ideas for their winnings. Paying debts, home improvements, and college tuition topped the list with most. The family is planning to celebrate the big win when they get together for their father’s 72nd birthday next month.

The winning Multi-Match ticket was purchased at the Northview BP located on Belair Road in Perry Hall.

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