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“Fortune” Smiles on Beltsville Man

Wins $50,000 Top Prize on Fortune of 50’s Scratch-Off

Fortune of 50'sA Beltsville man hit it big with the Maryland Lottery’s Fortune of 50’s scratch-off which hit store shelves just four days ago. The 43-year-old father-of-three purchased four scratch-offs yesterday when he stopped at the 7-ll with one of his daughters. “I scratched the ticket right there on the spot,” said the winner. “I was in shock. I was expecting maybe $50, not $50,000.”

Describing his winning moment, the independent contractor said that he remained calm when discovering how much he had won. “There were a lot of people around. I didn’t want everyone to know.” His daughter, however, realized their good fortune and ran to tell her mom who was waiting in the car. Her response was not as subdued as her husband’s.

The delighted winner is a fan of Lottery games, particularly scratch-offs. “I like the instant gratification,” he said. He intends to use his winnings to open a small beauty supply business with his wife, who is a beautician. Admiring the photos of past winners as he exited the Lottery’s Winners Lounge, the winner declared, “I hope I keep coming back here.” The winning Fortune of 50’s scratch-off was purchased at 7-11, located at 4410 Powder Mill Rd. in Beltsville. There are still three top-prizes remaining to be won on the ticket.

Glen Burnie Couple Wins $1 Million Playing Big Money Mega Play Scratch-off

Four $1 million prizes remaining

Big Money Mega PlayWell into the process of claiming a $1 million prize at Lottery Headquarters yesterday, a Glen Burnie couple remained unconvinced of their good fortune.  They honestly believed that there would be a last-minute disappointment, that something would go wrong.  Accustomed to calming down excited winners, Lottery officials instead found themselves having to assure the winners that lottery luck had indeed found them, that this was all real.

“We’ve had some set-backs in recent years, not a lot of things have worked out for us,” explained one half of the couple, a secretary in a Baltimore County office.  “It’s almost impossible to believe that this is truly happening.”  The winners describe themselves as casual players, spending several dollars a week on the Lottery’s big-jackpot games.  “Once in a while I get a scratch-off along with my Mega Millions and Powerball tickets,” she told officials.

One of those “once in a while” moments happened last week and the instant ticket chosen was Big Money Mega Play.  The winner told officials, “I scratched it that night when my husband was already asleep.  I looked at it again and again and finally had to wake him up.”  From that point to the minute they entered the Lottery’s claim center the couple searched for the fine print on the ticket that would negate their win, sure that they were missing something.

Once all the paperwork was behind them the couple began to relax just a bit, the relief visible on their faces.  “We’re thinking now about all the good we can do for our family, our friends, our church.  Now that it’s finally real, it’s like an answer to a prayer.” The winners found their luck at Doc’s Liquors, 7067 Baltimore & Annapolis Glen Burnie.  There are still four $1 million prizes remaining to be won on the Big Money Mega Play scratch-off.

Glen Burnie Man Wins $150,000 Playing Bonus Match 5

Bonus Match 5Three Bonus Match 5 tickets, four birthdates and one anniversary date added up to a big win for a lucky Glen Burnie man. The 50-year-old arrived at Lottery Headquarters to claim his $150,000 prize – the result of three $50,000 winning Bonus Match 5 tickets.

The grocery store employee was preparing to watch a football game, but before the gridiron action, he tuned in to the Lottery drawings on WBAL. As the Bonus Match 5 numbers were revealed, his wife became increasingly excited as he called out the numbers. At the end of the drawing, they anxiously ran to their computer to check their ticket and verify their win on

“I checked the tickets about five times before I could believe what I saw,” said the winner.  Once convinced of their new wealth, he and his wife cheered and celebrated. They then put the ticket in a safe place overnight.

The man, who has one stepdaughter and two grandchildren, plans to use his winnings to pay off his car and help his mother and mother-in-law with costly bills. The winning ticket was purchased at High’s, located at 7602 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd in Glen Burnie.

Grandmother Takes Home Jumbo Win

Bel Air Woman Wins $100,000 Playing Jumbo Cash Doubler

Jumbo Cash DoublerNervously, a 66-year-old Lottery player entered the Claims Center with her son-in-law. Although she was a little shaky, you could tell that internally she was jumping for joy. That’s because she was sitting on a $100,000 Jumbo Cash Doubler win that she had to hold on to all weekend.

“Even with my alarm system and hiding the ticket, I still did not sleep well for a couple of days,” said the grandmother of two teenagers.

It was on Friday when lady luck appeared to this Bel Air resident. The fortunate player purchased her regular Lottery tickets and also picked up a King Cash scratch-off. She won $10 from that ticket and turned it in for a Jumbo Cash Doubler scratch-off. “It was new and right in front of me, so I chose that one,” she said. “She likes those new tickets,” said her son-in-law, who accompanied her to Lottery Headquarters.  The winner said she scratched the ticket in the store, but first only revealed the bar code and had the retailer scan it for her. It said to take to the Lottery, so she scratched the rest of the ticket to see for how much she had won. “My legs turned to jello when I saw that it was for $100,000,” she gently smiled.

The winner, who recently underwent two surgeries, said she is going to use the winnings towards medical bills. She said she will also buy something for herself and her grandkids, plus take the family out to a nice dinner. The winning ticket was purchased at Bel Air Liquors, located at 116 South Hickory Ave.

Mega Millions Pays Out Mega Money to Marylanders

Baltimore Man is 20th Marylander this year to win $250,000 Prize

Mega MillionsAlthough the Mega Millions jackpot eluded Marylanders this time around, a Baltimore man is $250,000 richer thanks to the multi-state game. He matched all but one number from Friday’s drawing to win the quarter of a million dollars and become the 20th Marylander so far this year to win Mega Millions’ second-tier prize. Maryland has also produced 106 third-tier $10,000 winners since January.

The winner, and his wife-of-48-years, learned of their good fortune after enjoying a special breakfast out on Saturday morning. The retired Social Security worker stopped to get the winning numbers printout at a nearby store and upon returning home sat back in his chair with his recently purchased Mega Millions tickets to see if he had a match.  The lucky winner began to chuckle and called to his wife, “I have it, come look at the ticket.”  Thinking that he was joking, she paid no attention. After calling to her again, she put on her glasses, checked the ticket and started to laugh out loud.

The family man said that he will continue to play his favorite Lottery games. With his newfound wealth he intends to make some home repairs, buy a car and maybe take a vacation. The winning ticket was sold at Cold Spring Laundry, located at 1403-A E. Cold Spring Ln. in Baltimore.

Baltimore City Man Wins $30,000 Blackout Bingo Top Prize

Blackout Bingo“I had a feeling,” said the Baltimore City resident who was accompanied to Lottery Headquarters by his son and neighbor. “I wasn’t going to play, but I had a feeling,” When his premonition came true and his Blackout Bingo scratch-off revealed a $30,000 prize, he was in shock.  Initially under the impression that he had won $10,000 the 42-year-old had his wife and son double-check his scratch-off.

When they all realized he had actually won $30,000 his son told Lottery officials that he didn’t know how to describe how he felt.  Even sitting in the Lottery’s Winner’s Lounge, the winner expressed, “I still won’t believe it until I see the check.”

The father-of-six, who works at a hauling and construction business, said that although he doesn’t have any immediate plans, his family has discussed using some of his winnings to take a cruise. His neighbor said with a laugh, “Can I get some sneakers?” The Blackout Bingo $30,000 winning ticket was purchased at Wing Hing at 700 Cherry Hill Rd. in Baltimore City.

One Week, Three Big Frederick Winners

Monrovia Woman Wins $10,003 Playing Powerball

Powerball with Power PlayWinonna Sue McFarland buys two Powerball tickets every Tuesday. The tickets are Quick Picks and she always purchases them at the same Lottery retailer. Last week, her weekly ritual paid off to the tune of $10,003, producing the third big win in Frederick in just a week’s time.

The soft-spoken Monrovia resident arrived at Lottery Headquarters this morning with her daughter Cheryl in tow to claim her third-tier prize from last Wednesday’s Powerball drawing. “Every Tuesday before Bingo I buy two tickets,” said Winonna. “I check my numbers on TV on the Thursday morning news.”

Winonna realized that she had won after viewing the numbers, but was skeptical nonetheless. “I checked three times. I didn’t think it was right.” Once convinced, Winonna headed to her daughter’s house to share the news. “Then, I was like ‘woo-hoo,” said Winonna. When her other two children learned of her good fortune they said, “You’re kidding mom, we won’t believe you until we see the ticket.”

Their doubts will soon be put to rest as the grandmother-of-five and great-grandmother-of-five, intends to share her windfall with her family. When asked if she planned on doing anything for herself, the winner’s daughter interjected, “We told her she should head straight to Las Vegas.” Though Winonna doesn’t intend to play in Vegas, she will continue playing the Maryland Lottery. In fact, in parting the 69-year-old said, “Hope to see you soon.” The winning ticket was purchased at Browns Discount Liquors, located at 908 E. Patrick St. in Frederick.

Second Frederick County Player Claims Mega Millions Prize This Week

Middletown Woman who ‘Never Plays’ Takes Home $10,003 Prize

Sharon Corse - Mega Millions“Sure, I’ll take one…but I don’t ever play,” is what Sharon Corse said to longtime boyfriend Mike Sexton when he purchased her a $5 Mega Millions ticket.  The Middletown mother accepted the Quick Pick ticket he so kindly offered and didn’t think about it again.

The ticket didn’t disappear from her thoughts for too long though; Sexton was casually checking tickets at a local Lottery retailer when Corse’s ticket produced a “see attendant” message.  I couldn’t believe it,” Sexton said. “I called Sharon immediately and told her to check the winning numbers online.”  The duo quickly found out that the ticket was a $10,003 winner and were “stunned.”

Corse, who runs the books for Sexton’s construction business, said that they will go on a long-awaited vacation with some of their winnings.  First, though, they will enjoy a nice dinner, hang out at the Frederick County Fair this weekend and let the news sink in.

This is the second large Mega Millions winner in Frederick County this week – Thurmont resident Frankie Favorite claimed a $250,000 prize on Tuesday.  Coincidentally, both tickets were purchased at Sheetz convenience stores.  Corse’s winning ticket was purchased at Sheetz at 1300 East Patrick Street in Frederick.

Big Money Mega Play Results in Great Day for Glen Burnie Man

Claims $50,000 Scratch-Off Prize

Jeffrey O'Neill - Big Money Mega PlayPractically bursting with excitement, Jeffrey O’Neill described his winning moment and life’s philosophy. “I told my son, ‘live right, do good things and it comes back to you,’” said the 43-year-old father-of-two. His mantra proved true this morning when the self-employed home improvement contractor found himself $50,000 richer.

Jeffrey stopped at his regular stomping grounds to get his breakfast sandwich and a couple of Maryland Lottery scratch-offs. “My contractor friends and I call it our office,” said Jeffrey. Well known to the folks who own the store, Jeffrey was relaxing a bit before starting his day when they asked him to get a large sign from across the street. In typical Jeffrey fashion, he happily agreed and then returned to finish his Lottery play.

“I won $23 combined on Keno and a scratch-off,” said Jeffrey. “So I said, ‘give me that $20 ticket.” When Jeffery realized that he had a $50,000 winner, he couldn’t contain himself. “I ran outside and jumped in the air and clicked my heels.”

The goodhearted dad intends to use his winnings to help his son’s mom and will finally be able to buy new tires and a ladder rack for his truck. “I work seven-days-a-week and do for everyone else,” he said. “I’m just so happy!”

The winning ticket was purchased at Sunflower Shell, located at 8078 Ritchie Hwy. in Pasadena. Big Money Mega Play features five top prizes of $1 million, with all five still remaining to be won. There are also four $50,000 prizes left on the ticket.

Frederick County Man Shocked by Win

Claims $250,000 Mega Millions Prize

Mega MillionsFrankie Favorite of Thurmont is a long-time Lottery player, finding a few dollars each week to play Maryland’s two big-jackpot games, Mega Millions and Powerball.  He’s won a few dollars from time to time, but it seems that he’s been saving his luck for a more substantial prize.  While not the jackpot, Frankie’s $250,000 Mega Millions second-tier win this past Friday is a bigger reward than he ever expected for his loyalty to the game.

“I normally check my tickets when I stop in to get some for the next drawing,” he told Lottery officials today.  “But yesterday I happened to swing by the store and they told me to check my tickets because they’d sold a big winner – I thought they were kidding.”  Frankie knows the staff of the Sheetz convenience store at 428 North Church Street in Thurmont pretty well and they often joke about Lottery results.  “I was walking away from the counter when I noticed the cashier’s face, she looked serious.”  Confirmation of the $250,000 win was followed by lots of yelling in the little store.

Frankie tells us that this Mega Millions win comes at a good time for him as he’s been through a pretty tough year, family-wise and economy-wise.  A down payment on a new house and maybe a Harley are in his future.