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Eastern Shore Man Takes Home Two $10,000 Mega Millions Prizes

Mega MillionsA mild mannered 51-year-old Chestertown player smiled as if he swallowed a canary as he entered the Lottery’s Claim Center. His joy was due to some very good fortune and luck. He won a total of $20,000 on two $10,000 Mega Millions tickets.

The maintenance worker has a regular routine he sticks to when playing Mega Millions. He has some play slips already filled out that he chooses from every Tuesday and Friday. On this particular Friday, the lucky player chose three play slips and played that morning. He repeated the ritual that evening, purchasing three more Mega Millions tickets. As luck would have it, the ticket he played twice matched four numbers plus the Mega Ball, winning him $10,000 for each winning ticket. “The numbers are all family birthdays,” he told Lottery officials.

It took a couple of weeks for the winner to check his tickets. After scanning the first ticket, the message said to go to the Lottery. After scanning a few more, the same message came up again. “I like to scan the tickets to see the congratulations message,” he said. “But, the ‘Go to the Lottery’ message was a first,” he continued. Still skeptical about the win, he had the cashier print out the winning numbers. Indeed, it was a twin win for $10,000.

A little laid back about his win, the player had a silly thought. “I thought the win was based on the amount of people that play,” he said. “I thought I would get a couple hundred dollars after splitting it.” He later found out, that was not the case. He said he plans to use the winnings to pay bills, buy a car and donate to church. The winning ticket was purchased at Lewes Dairy, located at 840 Street in Chestertown.

Deserving Cambridge Woman Wins $1 Million on Big Money Mega Play

Three $1 million Top Prizes Still Remain on Scratch-Off

Big Money Mega PlayShaking his head and expressing disbelief, the winner’s son kept repeating, “This doesn’t happen to people like her.” The “her” was his mother and winner of the second of five $1 million top prizes on the Big Money Mega Play scratch-off.  The happy winner, who was accompanied to Lottery headquarters by her son and a friend, is a lifelong caregiver, both in her work and on the home front. “She gives her last dollar to everybody,” said the son. “She gives it away and does without.”

The 63-year-old was on her way to work yesterday and after stopping for coffee, stopped to buy a couple Lottery scratch-offs. A fan of the Lottery since its inception in 1973, the happy winner recounted winning $40 the very first time she played a Lottery game over 37 years ago. A few years back she also won $7,777 on a scratch-off. But, those wins pale in comparison to her latest windfall.

Good luck struck yesterday afternoon when she purchased two instant tickets. She revealed her win right in the parking lot of the Lottery retailer and quickly went back into the store to confirm her millionaire status. Once confirmed, she proceeded to her care-giving job. A few hours into her eight and a half hour shift, she called her son to share the good news. “He asked how much I won, if it was a lot,” she said. “I said ‘how much do you call a lot?’” The son responded $1,000. After telling him to tack on three more zeros, she then called her brother and friend with her news. The winner intends to use her newfound fortune in her typical fashion—to help others. She will pay off her son’s mortgage, give money to her daughter for a house down payment and establish a trust fund for her two grandchildren. The winning ticket was purchased at Ocean Highway Exxon, located at 324 Sunburst Hwy. in Cambridge.

22-Year-Old Stevensville Man is Maryland’s Newest Ravens Cash Fantasy Millionaire

Marc LaGrossa - Ravens Cash FantasySunday was full of Ravens wins here in Charm City. After our home team trounced the Broncos, Marc LaGrossa scored his own big victory winning one of the Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-off’s $1 million instant top prizes.

The Eastern Shore man and his girlfriend were on their way home that same day when he stopped to pick up some beverages for his brother. While in the store, he decided to buy a Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-off. With his girlfriend in the driver’s seat, they continued home and Marc proceeded to scratch his ticket. “I looked at it and told her ‘I think I just won $1 million,’” said Marc. The soft-spoken winner said that his girlfriend didn’t believe him until they reached their destination and he showed her the ticket. Then her reaction was much like his — cool, calm and collected. “I don’t show much emotion,” said the father-of-one. His dad, Charles, who accompanied Marc to Lottery headquarters to claim his prize, summed up the winner’s demeanor saying, “If he was any more laidback, he’d fall back.”

Marc, who works fixing pallets and is also a member of the Marine Reserves, intends to use his winnings wisely. “I’ll keep doing what I’m doing,” he said. “I’ll pay bills, put some away and hopefully buy a house.” Reflecting on his son’s newfound fortune, Charles said of his youngest son, “I’m happy for him. This is a good start.”  The winning ticket was purchased at Jinx’s Liquors Inc., located at 1225 Shopping Center Rd. in Stevensville.

Like last year’s scratch-off, each Ravens Cash Fantasy ticket features a perforated portion with a special “EXTRA YARDS” code that players can enter online at to win premium prizes that include season tickets for life, an away-trip with the team, the chance to be a team photographer for a game, and numerous other experiential prizes.  There is still a $1 million instant prize also available to be won.

Stop for Money Gram Makes Money for Baltimore Man

Wins $20,000 Powerball Prize

Powerball with Power PlayThe 62-year-old Baltimore retiree enjoys playing Mega Millions and Powerball each week. Although he looks forward to the games, rarely does he look for the winning numbers until days after the drawings. “I stash my tickets in my car or in the house somewhere. It’s sometimes a week before I look at them,” said the winner.

Recently he was in a local store to purchase a money gram when he remembered that he had five Powerball tickets which he hadn’t checked. When the first one was scanned and the message read “Go to Lottery Headquarters,” he was immediately excited.

“It must be over $5, 000,” he said to himself. The winner had matched four white balls and the Power Ball on his Quick Pick ticket to win the third-tier prize of $10,000. Since he had opted for the Powerplay, his prize increased to $20,000. Having no luck with the other four tickets, he ran back to his car to call his wife and tell her his unbelievable news.

The retired correctional officer and father-of-one, intends to invest his winnings. The winning ticket was purchased at Midway Inn, located at 12320 Pulaski Hwy. in Joppa.

Ravens Cash Fantasy – I WON – Angel Heath [VIDEO]


Trip to Grocery Store Satisfies Hunger for Win

Rockville Woman Wins $50,000 on Lucky Times 20 Scratch-Off

Lucky Times 20Friday afternoon, finished with her shopping and leaving the store laden with grocery bags, the Rockville woman decided to stop at the Lottery’s instant ticket vending machine and purchase one Lucky Times 20 scratch-off. That little deviation from her departure resulted in a $50,000 win for the happy 50-year-old.

The woman, who works for the federal government, began scratching her ticket even as she continued her exit. “I saw the 10X bonus first,” said the woman. She then proceeded to scratch the rest and quickly realized that she had won 50 grand. “I did the math and knew something was pretty good. I was sort of numb,” she said.

The occasional Lottery player quickly phoned her fiancée with the good news and he shared in her excitement. The twosome intends to use the winnings to buy a new roof and do some other things which they’ve been putting off.  The winning ticket was purchased at Giant #127, located at 17821 Georgia Ave. in Olney. The Lucky Times 20 scratch-off still has two $1 million prizes and three $50,000 prizes available to be won.

A Clean Purse Reveals $250,000 Lottery Win

Glen Burnie Player Takes Home Mega Millions Prize

Wendy Weber - Mega MillionsIf you are sitting at work and the computers go down, what do you do? You could twiddle your thumbs, look through a magazine, phone a friend or do what Wendy Weber did. She cleaned out her purse and came across some Mega Millions tickets from the week before, and one of them turned out to be a big winner.

Wendy could not access the Lottery’s website at work, so she had to depend on her co-worker’s cell phone to get the winning numbers. “He called out some numbers, so I knew I won something,” she said. “But, when he said I had all five numbers, I was so excited.” And, she had every right to be. By matching all five numbers except for the Mega Ball, the 48-year-old had just won a $250,000 second-tier prize. The big winner called her husband and left work on her lunch break to cash the winning ticket.

The Social Security Agency employee said she has no clue what to do with the winnings. “I am from a big family, so I’ll probably have a huge gathering,” she smiled. Wendy added that she and her husband may take a trip and she’ll put some of it away. The winning ticket was purchased at Genes Snack Bar, located inside the Social Security Complex in Woodlawn.

Ravens Cash Fantasy Winner David Brady [VIDEO]

Learn more about Ravens Cash Fantasy at

BINGO! Baltimore Woman Wins $50,000 on Multi Prize Bingo Scratch-Off

Multi Prize BingoKeno is typically the game of choice for the 65-year-old  Baltimore woman, but when she chose to play the Multi Prize Bingo scratch-off it  paid off to the tune of $50,000. On Saturday, while waiting for her Keno games to begin, she casually purchased an instant ticket. “I do it to pass the time while waiting,” she said. She proceeded to scratch the ticket and was stunned to discover that she was a top-prize winner.  “I was nervous and almost passed out.”

After confirming her big win at the Lottery retailer, she called her four sisters and 92-year-old mother to share the good news.  The winner intends to use her winnings to take care of her family, particularly her mom.  “This is my biggest win ever on a scratch-off,” she said.  The winning ticket was purchased at S & A Food Market on 801 N. Woodington Rd. in Baltimore.

Lottery Luck Finds Retired Steel Worker

Wins $40,000 Playing Keno

Steve Davidson - KenoSteve Davidson spent thirty years working at Bethlehem Steel in Baltimore before retiring and taking his family to the mountains of West Virginia. He comes back to town once a month to visit his mother, a trip which today was a few miles longer than normal – the distance from Glen Burnie to Lottery Headquarters.

“We took my mom out to lunch and while we were there I decided to play Keno,” Steve told officials. A long-time fan of Maryland Lottery games, Steve has an eight-digit Keno combination he plays whenever he’s back in his hometown. “I’d been playing these specific numbers for a while with no success. I told my wife I was trying them just one more time.” Those eight numbers, along with Steve’s selection of the game’s “super bonus” option, made this lunch a memorable one.

Steve watched the game as the family began eating. “I saw number after number coming up,” he explained, “and when that eighth number matched I was stunned.” When he was informed that he’d just won $40,000 he had an even more dramatic reaction – especially for a Baltimorean. “I was so excited that I couldn’t finish my crab cake.”

Some of Steve’s winning will go toward paying off a recently purchased truck. The family’s new favorite spot for lunch and Keno? – Romano’s Restaurant, 6905 Ritchie Glen Burnie, where the winning ticket was purchased.