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Baltimore Woman Wins $30,000 on Blackout Bingo Scratch-Off

Blackout BingoA Baltimore woman couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked down at the Blackout Bingo scratch-off she had purchased on Tuesday. “I washed my glasses three times,” she said. The lucky winner was so excited she couldn’t sleep.

The 51-year-old came to Lottery headquarters on Wednesday to claim her $30,000 prize, accompanied by one of her daughters. She intends to use the prize money to make some repairs around her house, and also plans to share her windfall with her four children and eight grandchildren.

The winner, who works at an assisted living center, told Lottery officials that she likes playing Pick 4 and scratch-offs, especially the bingo-type tickets. “I play scratch-offs for fun,” said the occasional Lottery player. “I never expected to win.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Jerry’s Bar, located at 604 Poplar Grove St. in Baltimore.

Baltimore Woman Wins $50,000 on SingleDoubleTriple Bingo Scratch-Off

SingleDoubleTriple BingoA 69-year-old woman sat at Maryland Lottery headquarters on Monday with tears of joy in her eyes as she waited to cash her winning SingleDoubleTriple Bingo scratch-off.

The lucky $50,000 winner purchased her ticket on Thursday and discovered on Friday that she was a winner. She said she guarded her winning ticket all weekend, checking every few hours to make sure it was still in its hiding place.

The retired nurse said that a man she had never met before stopped her in a parking lot on Thursday and said that she would “get a big bundle this week.” She said she plays scratch-offs often, but never thought she would win anything.

The winner is anxious to share her winnings with her seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

The winning ticket was purchased at Hilltop Check Cashing, located at 5429 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore.

Mother Knows Best -Temple Hills Woman Wins $50,000

A mother of two said her sons are always telling her to stop buying

Maryland Lottery scratch-offs, insisting that she will never win. But the Temple Hills resident said she plays almost every day. “I play so much that everybody in the neighborhood calls me the ‘Scratch Queen,’” she said.

On Monday, the “Scratch Queen” proved her sons wrong, winning $50,000 from her $5 Deal or No Deal scratch-off. She thought she had won about $1,000, so when the 56-year-old went to cash it with her local Lottery agent, she was shocked when they told her she had to cash it at Lottery headquarters.

The lucky winner said she plans to use the money to pay bills and taxes. The winning ticket was purchased at Jo Jo Food Market, located at 3311 Brinkley Road in Temple Hills.

Fifth Fantastic 5’s is a Charm

Glen Burnie Woman Wins $50,000 on Fantastic 5’s Scratch-Off

Fantastic 5'sWednesday, late afternoon, the 65-year-old Glen Burnie woman was doing a little shopping. A self-described, occasional scratch-off player, she decided to buy five Fantastic 5’s scratch-offs. The woman, who was accompanied to Lottery headquarters by her husband, said that she took the tickets home and played them there. She scratched the first, the second, the third and the fourth, to no avail. But, as she scratched her very last ticket, she revealed her $50,000 win.

“I was by myself and saw that I’d won $5,000 and just kept scratching,” said the winner. She then went out to the yard where her husband was working on a birdbath. “I’ll bet I can distract you from that,” she told him.

A bus attendant for special needs children, the winner intends to save most of her prize money and give some to her three grown children. “I might give some to my husband,” she added with a chuckle.

The couple will celebrate together this evening with plans to go to out to eat. “Yeah, I think we’ll go get some good shrimp at Schultz’s,” said the woman’s happy spouse.

The winning ticket was purchased at Pop Grocer & Deli, located at 7459 Furnace Branch Road in Glen Burnie.

Dundalk Man Wins $25,000 on Instant Keno Scratch-Off

Kevin Baker just knew he was going to win. The 38-year-old sat in his car in the parking lot on his way to work on Thursday morning, his hands shaking.

Kevin said he was excited when the first nine numbers he scratched off revealed a $10,000 win, but when his tenth number made him $25,000 richer, he was ecstatic.

“My hands were itching,” he said. “I could feel it was going to be something big.”

Kevin said he buys a Lottery ticket almost every day. He bought his winning scratch-off on Wednesday, picking Keno since it is his fiancé’s favorite game.

The lucky winner thinks today’s win is just the beginning. He said he has a feeling that his luck will help him to one day win the Maryland Lottery’s Mega Millions jackpot.

In the meantime, Kevin plans to use his winnings to pay some bills, and he hopes to take his daughter to Disney World in February to celebrate her fourth birthday.

The winning ticket was purchased at N.P. Liquors, located at 8860 Waltham Woods Road in Baltimore.

Lusby Woman’s Dream Comes True

She Wins a Second-Tier $ 50K Prize

Virginia Hall - Ultimate PaydayVirginia Hall, a 50-year-old meat wrapper from Lusby, dreamt about purchasing a scratch-off ticket and scratching the numbers 5-0-0-0-0. After weeks of having the same recurring dream, she decided to purchase an Ultimate Payday scratch-off ticket. To her shock, she won a second-tier $50,000 prize.

“I remember matching the correct numbers but under it was the prize amount,” she said. “At first I thought I won $50 but as I kept scratching, I realized there were more zeros. I was afraid to scratch the rest. I had to call my sister over to help me finish scratching the ticket.”

Hall said loves playing higher priced scratch-offs because she wins more. “I actually won $500 this past Christmas playing Ultimate Payday. “I believe it was a sign that I should keep playing this particular ticket. Thank God I did,” she said.

The lucky winner told Lottery officials that she plans to pay all her credit card bills off with the prize money.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Safeway on Dares Beach Road in Prince Frederick where Hall works. “I think it’s great that she won,” said Safeway Manager Teresa Ross. Ultimate Payday still has an unclaimed top-tier unclaimed $1 million prize.

Hershey’s™ Kisses & Cash™ Winners Announced

Kisses & CashEight Maryland Lottery players received a sweet prize this week. The Hershey’s™ Kisses & Cash™ second-chance drawing was held yesterday. To enter, players sent in non-winning Hershey’s™ Kisses & Cash™ scratch-offs. Approximately 10,000 entries were received.

Four lucky winners will receive a three-night, four-day trip to the Hershey Hotel in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The trip includes Hershey theme park tickets, a golf or spa package, $1,000 and a Hershey gift package. The Maryland Lottery is paying the taxes on this prize. The lucky winners are: Christine Bruchey from Middletown, Laurie Hahn from Rosedale, Peggy Bowers from Berlin, and Robert Scott from Charles County.

Four other winners will receive chocolate for a year. Those winners are: Yvette Jones from Baltimore, Bruce Portell from Bel Air, Shon Everett from Conowingo, and Wanda Sampedro from Rosedale.

The $2 Hershey’s™ Kisses & Cash™ scratch-off has been hugely successful. It launched on January 12th and is already 83 percent sold out.

The Maryland Lottery currently has six other second-chance/top-prize drawing contests, which players may enter for exciting prizes. Additional information and game rules can be found at

Howard County Resident Spells Her Way to Top Prize

Wins Super Crossword $50,000 Top Prize

A Jessup woman has always enjoyed scratch-offs from the Maryland Lottery. In fact, she has been very particular about the tickets she buys. She told Lottery officials, “Super Crossword only, thank you.” And, it paid off big-time when she scratched her way to the $50,000 top prize.

The 48-year-old accounts payable professional splits her purchases between three Lottery retailers in her neighborhood. “I alternate between three different stores,” she said, “Mel’s Liquors, Jessup Discount Liquors or my local Shell station.” The lucky winner scratched off her tickets immediately after returning home and couldn’t believe what she saw. She first thought she had won $5,000, then after a second dizzying look rushed off to have a Lottery retailer validate her good luck. “I thought I was going to faint!”

She plans to use the money to pay off a car she recently purchased and to help with her daughter’s tuition at Howard Community College. As for the rest? It will go in the bank and build interest.

The winning ticket was purchased at Jessup Discount Liquors at 7880 Washington Boulevard in Elkridge.

Local Carpenter Nails Platinum Rewards Prize

$50,000 Scratch-Off Winner

Platinum RewardsEdwin Troth, a 58-year-old Bethesda native, truly hit the nail on the head when he won a Platinum Reward’s $50,000 prize late Thursday afternoon. “I was in shock, actually more like disbelief when I realized I had won,” said Troth. “The most I’d ever won previously was $200.”

Troth, who regularly plays scratch-off tickets, purchased four Platinum Rewards tickets earlier and won $100. He decided to put those winnings towards a new set of chances. “I knew the Platinum Rewards scratch-off was paying out roughly two to one, so I figured I’d give the ticket another chance.”

When the store clerk confirmed Troth had won a $50,000 prize, the winner knew his fortune had changed. “This money certainly isn’t life-changing but it is definitely life–enhancing.” The carpenter of 35-years said that he will use the money to pay off bills and credit cards.

The winning ticket was purchased at Westlake B&D, located on 10442 Autopark Ave. in Bethesda.

Canton Man Hits 3D Jackpot for $50,000 Top-Prize Win

Dallas Rhodes - 3D Jackpot Displaying an easy smile and laid-back charm, Dallas Rhodes accepted his $50,000 3D Jackpot scratch-off win with casual nonchalance. Accompanied by his wife, Mildred, to Lottery Headquarters, the 76-year-old Canton resident appeared unfazed by his good fortune. The couple, who has been married for 54 years bantered about their windfall. “I tried to hide the ticket,” said Dallas. “But she said, ‘Let me see what you’ve got.”

Dallas stopped yesterday to pick up some packaged goods when he decided to buy a few scratch-offs. First, he asked for three of the 3D Jackpot tickets, but after the clerk told him there was just one left, he decided to purchase that one too. It was that last ticket that revealed his big win.

The retired maintenance supervisor scratched the ticket at home while Mildred looked on. “I think I won something,” said Dallas. Mildred then looked at it and agreed they had a winner. “I took a magnifying glass and checked it,” added Dallas. He then called the Lottery retailer, who told him to go to Lottery Headquarters.

The couple, who has three children along with five grandchildren and a great grandchild, joked about their celebration plans. “I’m going to get my own order of chicken strips,” said Mildred. The actual plan for the prize money is to put it into savings. “I’m going to bank it and sit back and smile about it,” said Dallas.

The winning ticket was purchased at Holabird Discount Liquors, located at 7155 Holabird Ave. in Baltimore.